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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Golden Eagle, White-tailed Eagle and Goshawk at Trondheimsfjord!

Golden Eagle - Trondheimsfjord - Photo: Morten Mørkved

Our hide near the Trondheimsfjord - only 35 minutes north of the Trondheim airport - continues to produce excellent photo opportunities. Our guest, Morten Mørkved, reports about all-day action with a minimum of 4 different Golden Eagles and 6-8 different White-tailed Eagle in one day (January the 5th). See some more of his photos on his blog here: www.mortenmorkved.blogspot.com.

Another Morten, Morten Vang, spent January the 9th in the hide, and started (and ended) the day with a juvenile Goshawk on the bait. The Goshawk was followed by Golden and White-tailed Eagle. See more of his photos here: http://fuglefoto.net/Bird%20photos/Siste%20bilder/index.html

Goshawk - Trondheimsfjord - Photo: Morten Vang

Golden Eagle - Trondheimsfjord - Photo: Morten Vang

And last - and the biggest bird of them all; These pictures of White-tailed Eagle were shot on January the 10th.

White-tailed Eagle - Trondheimsfjord - Photo: Terje Kolaas

White-tailed Eagle - Trondheimsfjord - Photo: Terje Kolaas

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