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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Major Rodent populations all over central-Norway

We are entering the most busy period of the year for photographing and watching birds in Mid-Norway.

Capercaillie and Black Grouse males have been lekking for weeks already, and the next days the lekking will culminate in the arrival of the females. 7 males are active on our lek site for Black Grouse near the Trondheimsfjord this season, and from our photo hides several photographers have produced great shots already, and more will come. Read more and book a hide for capercaillie or black grouse here

Lemming population has exploded in several parts of central-Norway, such as Dovrefjell, Trondheimsfjord and Børgefjell areas. Rodents are of major importance for breeding owls and raptors which all breed in great numbers this year. Our guides near Trondheimsfjord can on a day-trip show off both Hawk owl, Pygmy Owl and Tengmalm`s Owl - as well as four species of grouses and several other scandinavian specialities such as the Siberian Jay, Rough-legged Buzzard and the Black Woodpecker.

Northern Hawk Owl - Trondheimsfjord. Photo: Terje Kolaas / www.bird.dintur.no

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Photograph Stellers and King Eider from floating hide

stellers eider - kongsfjord - march 2010. Photo. Terje Kolaas

Check out our brand new floating photo hide for King Eider, Stellers Eider and Long-tailed Duck in Båtsfjord,Varanger here: 

The dark time of the north is close to its end, and very soon the low but glowing sun will shine over the Varanger fjord again. The first time with sun after the dark periode, is the best time to photograph two of the worlds most spectacular ducks - the Stellers Eider and the King Eider.

Using our GPS and self-guiding system you can easily find the best spots for photographing these colorful birds as well as several other exclusive birds and animals.

gray seal - vardø - march 2010 Photo. Terje Kolaas

Read more about Varanger, self-guided birding and book your accommodation here.

Or check out our brand new floating photo hide for King Eider, Stellers Eider and Long-tailed Duck in Båtsfjord,Varanger here: 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Golden Eagle, White-tailed Eagle and Goshawk at Trondheimsfjord!

Golden Eagle - Trondheimsfjord - Photo: Morten Mørkved

Our hide near the Trondheimsfjord - only 35 minutes north of the Trondheim airport - continues to produce excellent photo opportunities. Our guest, Morten Mørkved, reports about all-day action with a minimum of 4 different Golden Eagles and 6-8 different White-tailed Eagle in one day (January the 5th). See some more of his photos on his blog here: www.mortenmorkved.blogspot.com.

Another Morten, Morten Vang, spent January the 9th in the hide, and started (and ended) the day with a juvenile Goshawk on the bait. The Goshawk was followed by Golden and White-tailed Eagle. See more of his photos here: http://fuglefoto.net/Bird%20photos/Siste%20bilder/index.html

Goshawk - Trondheimsfjord - Photo: Morten Vang

Golden Eagle - Trondheimsfjord - Photo: Morten Vang

And last - and the biggest bird of them all; These pictures of White-tailed Eagle were shot on January the 10th.

White-tailed Eagle - Trondheimsfjord - Photo: Terje Kolaas

White-tailed Eagle - Trondheimsfjord - Photo: Terje Kolaas

Read more and book this hide on www.bird.dintur.no

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Time for eagle photography!

White-tailed Eagle - Trondheimsfjord - December 31st 2010 - Halvor Sørhuus

White-tailed Eagles - Trondheimsfjord - December 23rd 2010 - Terje Kolaas

The last weeks, our photo hides have been extraordinary productive for eagles. The hide near Trondheimsfjord are visited by four different Golden Eagles and minimum six White-tailed Eagles. January the 1st three Golden and four White-tailed Eagles were present in front of the hide on the same time. A fantastic day!!

Golden Eagle - Trondheimsfjord - January 1st 2011 - Terje Kolaas

Golden Eagle - Trondheimsfjord - January 1st 2011 - Terje Kolaas

Golden Eagle - Trondheimsfjord - January 1st 2011 - Terje Kolaas

Golden Eagle - Trondheimsfjord - January 1st 2011 - Terje Kolaas

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Our hide near Molde are good as usual, with up to nine eagles visiting in one day.

So if you dream about photographing norwegian eagles - this is the time to come!!