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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Major Rodent populations all over central-Norway

We are entering the most busy period of the year for photographing and watching birds in Mid-Norway.

Capercaillie and Black Grouse males have been lekking for weeks already, and the next days the lekking will culminate in the arrival of the females. 7 males are active on our lek site for Black Grouse near the Trondheimsfjord this season, and from our photo hides several photographers have produced great shots already, and more will come. Read more and book a hide for capercaillie or black grouse here

Lemming population has exploded in several parts of central-Norway, such as Dovrefjell, Trondheimsfjord and Børgefjell areas. Rodents are of major importance for breeding owls and raptors which all breed in great numbers this year. Our guides near Trondheimsfjord can on a day-trip show off both Hawk owl, Pygmy Owl and Tengmalm`s Owl - as well as four species of grouses and several other scandinavian specialities such as the Siberian Jay, Rough-legged Buzzard and the Black Woodpecker.

Northern Hawk Owl - Trondheimsfjord. Photo: Terje Kolaas / www.bird.dintur.no

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  1. Takk for sist! (fremleggingen av boken din i Trondheim). Kjempegod bok og inspirerende bilder!